Pre-employment Testing for New Hires

Attrition is almost always a problem for employers. Significant costs are attached to the advertising, recruiting, screening, processing, and training of new hires, so most businesses would much rather keep their current employees than get new ones.

One of the major causes of attrition is physical incapacity. For each type of work, there are certain physical criteria that potential employees should possess in order to be a good fit for the position. Workers need to be physically able to safely perform the essential tasks of their job over the long-term. This is why comprehensive pre-employment testing for new hires is so important.

Based on an article on the WorkSTEPS website, pre-employment testing is best performed after the applicant has passed the core skills portion of the hiring process, but before a job offer is made. That way, the pre-employment testing is reserved for those who are already qualified for the job. The last bit of screening would be for physical fitness.

Pre-employment testing should not only be confined to the passive health profile of the applicant, such as existing conditions, medical history, and medical measurements. The testing program should also test the strength and endurance of the applicant by taking cardiovascular and muscle tone measurements. The applicant must pass minimum lifting requirements for the job for positions that will require it.

Such a pre-employment testing program should also measure the capacity of the applicant for repetitive motion when appropriate. Carpal tunnel syndrome and similar injuries resulting from repetitive movement is the cause for lost ways of work for a growing number of employees and is of concern for employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies.

An effective and comprehensive program of pre-employment testing for new hires will pay back the employer what it cost in spades. It will result in lower attrition, fewer lost days of work and workers’ comp claims, and a safer and more efficient work environment.  All these benefits translate to higher productivity and better profit margins.

Why Auction Mineral Rights?

The US is one of the few countries where minerals are not sovereign territory. In most countries, property owners have rights only to the surface land; the government owns any minerals that may be present underneath. In the US, property owners may own the mineral rights to their land if it had not been severed, or have also bought the severed mineral rights when they bought the surface land.
Mineral rights are essentially the prerogative of the owner to profit from whatever minerals, natural gas, or other substances that may be found under the surface land that has market value. This may be through development of the land by the mineral rights owner, the leasehold and royalties from renting out the mineral rights to speculators and developers, or by selling the rights outright. According to The Mineral Auction website, there are many willing buyers out there for those with the right connections.

There are several advantages to selling the mineral rights. The most important thing is that the landowner gets a large amount of money all at once. Those who buy mineral rights are not certain that there is anything of value below the surface. It is a gamble where the odds are calculated based on the location and geographic makeup of the property. If the surrounding areas have yielded profitable amounts of marketable deposits, there is a good chance that the property may have similar characteristics.  However, it is possible that there is nothing there, in which case the gamble is lost. When that happens, the mineral rights go from a significant sum to absolute zero. A mineral rights owner who passes up an opportunity to sell only to find out there is nothing to be made under the surface will not be given the same chance again.

The mineral rights owner also takes a chance. If there is anything valuable there, the owner misses on the chance to make even more money in the long run because selling the mineral rights means no royalties. The trick is to sell at a good price so that any potential shortfall will be minimized. The way to do this is to auction the mineral rights through a well-connected company specializing in such sales. This will ensure that the best possible deal is struck based on the circumstances of the mineral rights for sale.

Criminal Law and Spousal Rape

Spousal rape, also known as marital rape, is forcible sexual intercourse between a married couple. It is currently a criminal offense in all 50 states. Prior to the 1970s, marital rape was not prosecuted; in fact, marriage was considered an affirmative defense for rape allegations. This is due to the fact that sexual congress was considered a duty of marriage, and even if physical force or threats were used to accomplish intercourse, it was not considered a crime.

Criminal law has changed, and since the victims of spousal rape are usually, although not categorically, women, the increasing pressure from advocacy and women’s rights groups have pushed legislators to recognize spousal rape as a form of sexual abuse and domestic violence.  As such, rape laws have been modified to recognize spousal sex by adding sections to the state penal code, or at least to remove marriage as an affirmative defense.

But spousal rape, like any other type of rape, is a he-says she-says type of crime; there are almost always no witnesses to corroborate the allegation. According to Horst Law’s website, rape per se is a complicated crime, because it all hinges on the question of consent. While this can be a problem for women who have really been raped, it can also be a problem for men who are falsely accused of it. It can be difficult to prove or refute the fact of rape.

There have been cases when a woman will cry rape for what was actually consensual sex out of fear or revenge, or to gain an advantage, or to protect her reputation. When this happens, the defendant is often vilified or suffers a loss of prestige or damage to his reputation. Some of the falsely accused have even lost their jobs. The worst thing is for the defendant is a conviction, which means that an innocent person will be sent to prison, have a criminal record and be included in the database for sexual offenders. Very few of the innocent ever recover from such a horrific experience.

When charged with spousal rape, the defendant should lose no time in mounting a defense with the help of a criminal defense lawyer in the area experienced in dealing with spousal rape. Rape defendants are too often denied the benefit of the doubt, and will need aggressive legal representation to avoid a conviction and its attendant consequences.