Beef and Smoke: Luring more Patrons into Restaurants for Great Tasting BBQs

The southern part of the U.S., specifically the state of Texas, is the top producer of beef cattle in the whole of America; it is also home to best beef cattle in the nation. This may be the obvious reason why the best BBQ or barbecue restaurants are also located in the same state, luring millions of Texans and tourists to the most tender, juiciest, and tastiest BBQ and steak in the whole nation.

Who would pass up any chance of enjoying a perfectly prepared barbecue? Nighttime is usually when BBQ lovers would frequent their favorite aroma-filled restaurant for a bite of the best tasting BBQ in town. And mind you, many would not mind waiting in long queues outside these restaurants until they get a seat inside and a slab of juicy beef on their plate – a perfect reward for a little sacrifice.

The best BBQ chefs (if it’s allowed to call them that) know that two ingredients are necessary in producing tender, juicy BBQs – the beef and the smoke, which is the beef’s source of flavor. Smoke (from the wood used) is also the key factor that has, from ancient times, enticed eaters to keep coming back for a flavor they might have missed.

Barbecue is actually a cooking technique wherein meat is cooked at low temperatures for hours; cooking is done on a pit barbecue, a fixture inside the restaurant. Since the wood’s smoke is what gives flavor to the food, choosing the right kind of wood is highly important.

Thus, mesquite, hickory, oaks, pecan and other kinds of hard wood give a strong smoke flavor, while for those who prefer a sweeter and milder taste, alder, maple and fruits woods, like cherry, pear, and apple are advisable. Another tip for restaurateurs is poultry and fish require lighter flavored woods while beef and pork need wood that strong-flavored.

The barbecue sauce, which is optional, may be replaced by the dry rub, that is, salt and spices rubbed on the meat prior to cooking. Cooking meat or BBQ is acknowledged as a social event rather than just a meal; it is when people gather around a fire to cook meat and eat while sharing stories with each other. Following this tradition, many restaurants have made their barbecue joints a homely place where family and friends can enjoy a really good meal and good stories.


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