Construction Injuries and Accidents

Construction site accident statistics for 2012 show an increase of fatalities in the private sector of 5% from 2011 (775 against 738). A majority of these fatalities (36%) were as a result of a fall, the leading cause historically of fatal and non-fatal injuries in the industry. Other top causes of construction injuries are struck by object (10%), electrocution (9%), and caught-in or between (2%). Just recently, a construction worker in Seattle was seriously injured by being struck by a grinder wheel and another one fell to his death two days before on the same construction site. If you have been injured on a construction work site, a construction accident lawyer may be able to help represent your case.

There has been steady improvement in these accident statistics, and fatalities are currently down 37% from that of 2006. Nevertheless, construction work is definitely a hazardous occupation. Workers are aware of this and most exercise reasonable caution when on the job, which can make a serious injury or death harder to believe and accept.

Most construction workers are young and fit and/or experienced, hardly expecting anything bad to happen to them. Serious injury or death from a construction site accident means the family is unprepared for the loss of income and huge medical bills that may ensue, not to mention the pain and suffering that would affect all involved. This can result in extreme financial hardship, made more difficult if worksite safety turns out to be an issue.

While injured construction workers can rely on making a claim with workers’ compensation insurance, it is not at all easy. Filing a personal injury claim would be even more difficult as negligence will have to be established. The claimant can get the best results by retaining the services of construction site accident lawyer, who will have the resources to put together a viable case to better ensure a successful workers’ comp or personal injury claim.


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