Show Your Best Side With the Help of Your Lawn

The way a man’s lawn looks says a lot about him, especially his character.  Whether or not you live in an apartment or in a nice house in the suburbs, you should maintain your lawn, especially in this day and age where appearance is everything.  Whether or not, you can afford to pay some people to trim your lawn for you or have to sacrifice some of your weekends, it is important to properly and with loving care, trim your hedges.  

These do not have to be hugely complicated ways of maintaining your yard, but merely mowing your yard.  Mowing the yard is essentially for appearance’s sake, but also to make sure that your dogs or other animals get lost in the tall grass and get bitten by a snake or other creepy animals that like to live in tall grass.  Mowing the yard is not even hard to do.  All you have to do is literally fill a mower with gas and push said mower.  If you’re really rich or let’s be honest and say lazy, get a riding mower, where all you have to do is fill with gas, sit, and steer the mower.  

Other ways of maintaining one’s yard is to make sure that your grass is properly watered.  Nobody should have brown grass.  It’s ugly, and it makes people sad to look at.  However, grass should not be too green and watered too often because there is a water shortage in some areas of the country.  Maybe, leaving out buckets and trash cans while it’s raining can substitute for using water from the hose.  Then, no water that has to be paid for nor water that is not already in the world needs to be used to water an area that will probably be brown again in a few days anyway.

Plants, they look good, and they smell nice.  Plants have the unique ability to brighten anyone’s mood.  The best plants are the fake plants that go inside the house and do not require any maintenance or care.  However, we’re talking about landscapes.  Having some plants doesn’t have to be a lot of plants, will open up your front and/or backyard with color and vibrant energy.  The downside to having plants is that, if you live really far out in the suburbs, a population of deer may make your plants their daily meals.  These deer may look nice and sweet, with their various ages and sizes and genders of deer, and they may remind you of Bambi, but they’re not.  They’re evil.  And, no matter how many allegedly deer resistant plants or possible poisonous substances you leave around the plants, deer will still somehow/someway eat your plants.  

However, despite all of the hassle and all of the money that can come with maintaining a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing yard and/or apartment deck plant area, your neighbors will surely thank you for it, appreciate how nice your yard looks, want to become your friends, and model their yard after yours, which will increase everyone’s property values.  

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